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  • The heart teaches in Stillness. Stillnes is your teacher. Everything will become apparent to you in this Stillness.
    OM C. Parkin
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Darshan with OM C. Parkin


"In Darshan an inward room opens up, intimacy with oneself. You allow yourself to really see, through time, through space, through any mask. Then, there is stillness. Then, there is peace. Then, there is simplicity. Suffering is at an end. The encounter with the teacher in darshan takes place without a relationship. A relationship would require two, this coming together only one. That is the difference." OM C. Parkin

23996 Saunstorf, Germany

“Knowledge and Devotion” | The Ascending and Descending Spiritual Paths


The path of knowledge and the path of devotion – how can these two polar spiritual paths come together in the consciousness of a human being?

This conference opens up the encounter with the path of knowledge and the path of devotion, embodied by the present teachers who will share their insights and practices. As different as the traditions may be from which the teachers work, it remains open where the path really leads.

"Through God’s left hand, the female path 23996 Saunstorf, Germany

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