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  • Awakening is an incident, what happens by itself. No one can do it. The only thing to be done is to be always available for. To be available means to be aware. Experience of Self happens when there are no leaves on the tree. It happens when there are no clouds in the sky. It happens when there is no 'I'. Once liberation appears, happiness appears. Once happiness appears, silence appears. Once silence appears, love appears. Once love appears, Self appears. Once Self appears, God appears.
  • "I express my creativity and practical sagacity through my philosophical, artistic, and scholarly works, all of which strive to express existence and its wonderments. At the heart of my teachings lies the insight that experience are  indivisible expressions of existence. However, the unexamined energies of routine and habit often control our thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading us to believe the false notion that we are disconnected individuals, separate from the external world and those around us. To challenge this misconception, I demonstrate that everything and everyone are expressions of existence with no inherent separation. This realization highlights the primary essence in which all things occur. Join me on a journey of captivating creativity, and experience the beauty and complexity of the human experience in a whole new way."
    James David
  • Self realisation is a magnificent journey from the unreal to the real
    Sri Ramana Devi
  • This is not known by the mind. This is known through the being of it, which is always already happening.
    Mike Jenkins
  • The love to explore yourself is the force that brings you home
    Pratibha & Kareem Krüger
  • Psalms 12: "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from which cometh my help, my help cometh from the lord who made heaven and earth" ....This quote is a mystical attempt to rise out of the basic instincts of the amydila brain (fight/flight/fear/) and ascend into the higher pre-frontal brain. The hill is your skull.....Jesus was crucifed on "Golgotha Hill"...Golgotha means "place of the skull"....And it is believed that the skull of Adam was buried at the crucifixory point of Jesus because it is at the core ouf our humanity...where it meets the threshhold of the divine that we are crucifed and purified in order to become better than what we are. So lifting up your eyes is a meditative affirmation that pulls you out of the depths of your lower nature and into your "christ mind"....your "gnostic awareness" and into your "higher mind."
    Jess Herriott
  • Don't identify with the problem, know that the identification is the problem.
    Rajiv Kapur
  • The end of all spiritual experiences is simply to be.
    Nick Roach
  • The heart teaches in Stillness. Stillnes is your teacher. Everything will become apparent to you in this Stillness.
    OM C. Parkin
  • Awakening has nothing to do with you. It is totally unpersonal,.
    Emilia Hollander
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