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  • The RASA Blessing will accelerate your awakening far more than you thought possible. In just 3 hours a month from the comfort of your own home you can spiritually awaken and become fully enlightened (LOC 1000 as described in Ramaji's book "1000") in just 6 months or in a year at most.
    Ramaji and Ananda Devi
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Get a one on one RASA coaching session with Ananda Devi at a special MeetingTruth discount. Ananda is responsible for awakening more than 40 people into non-duality and LOC 1000 (Self-Realization). She is powerful and loving with unique Shakti.

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in United States Dollars. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

Session Name Price Duration

Ananda Devi 1 on 1

One on one online coaching and RASA with Ananda Devi
$200.00 90 Minutes

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