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  • Nonduality is the seeing through the dream of apparent separateness.There are no separate individuals or objects.
    Mandi Solk
  • Identifying with our thoughts which gives rise to the belief that we are all separate from each other and separate from God, Presence, is the cause of all suffering.
    Mandi Solk
  • Whatever the negative appearance might be, it is always erroneous, because Being is always STILL and nothing happens.
    Mandi Solk
  • If we ask the question: 'Who am I?' - we cannot find any personal identity. We need this wonderful self-referral system so that we can avoid having 'the wool pulled over our eyes' by the dense weave of our thoughts, the 'veil' through which we must eventually see beyond. All there is, is No-thing being Every-thing.
    Mandi Solk
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These intense enquiry sessions directly point to your essential 'You-ness'. ‘Who am I?’ or ‘ Where am I?’ - we can find no solid person or identity – just an empty spaciousness. In 90mins you can WAKE UP NOW!

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All prices are in Pounds Sterling. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

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Self-Enquiry intensive
£55.00 90 mins

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