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  • Through the agency of love, the Truth isn't critical, confusing or costly at all - it's transformational.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Choose love over fear.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Truth is not the same as what you 'think' is true about people, experiences and other things in your life - it isn't your personal perspective, your personal truth. Truth is universal.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Take your stand at the root of your Being, then you can meet life wherever it's at with an open heart and from the Truth that you really know so well. It's been with you your entire life, the only constant.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Finding fault with others is always a good indication that we have fallen fowl of our thoughts, causing us great confusion and suffering.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Don't be afraid to be intimate with your gnawing aloneness - it is in deep intimacy with aloneness that the heart is broken open and the impossibility of being alone is realised.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • The frill of a seat cushion moves in the breeze. The chest rises and falls. A wave of emotion moves through the body as it is seen anew - All there is is aliveness.
    Jeannie McGillivray
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An offer of private guidance in Self-inquiry; a deep look, with innocence and authenticity, into the experience of life - to discover for ourselves what we really are and how this transforms and liberates life itself.

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in Pounds Sterling. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

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Private Session - 1 hour

Private session of guided inquiry and dialogue
£5.00 1hr

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