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  • "The evolution of humanity lies in its philosophical realization, which is a journey that requires dedication. It is a misconception that one can listen to philosophical teachings and instantly realize their actuality. Philosophical coaching demands a strong coach-student relationship, detached from mere concepts and emotional dependencies. Many individuals are eager to pay for a rapid transformation, which is reminiscent of a historical act of idol worship, but it is deceptive and unproductive. Genuine learning involves a down to earth and authentic letting go of limited assumptions about existence."
    James David
  • "I express my creativity and practical sagacity through my philosophical, artistic, and scholarly works, all of which strive to express existence and its wonderments. At the heart of my teachings lies the insight that experience are  indivisible expressions of existence. However, the unexamined energies of routine and habit often control our thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading us to believe the false notion that we are disconnected individuals, separate from the external world and those around us. To challenge this misconception, I demonstrate that everything and everyone are expressions of existence with no inherent separation. This realization highlights the primary essence in which all things occur. Join me on a journey of captivating creativity, and experience the beauty and complexity of the human experience in a whole new way."
    James David
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To discuss the insights into nonduality.

One-to-One Sessions

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A one to one nondual webinar and Skype dialogue

Exploring philosophical insights into what is meant by the true nature of reality in spiritual traditions like Zen and Advaita.
£25.00 2.00

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