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  • There's a tendency to look outward to the objects of perception for solutions to our suffering. Turn inwards to the heart of experiencing itself, let go into the unknown. There's nothing more eloquent, nothing more freeing than the direct experience of your own nature, prior to any assumptions, beliefs or conditioning – just this moment, as it is.
    Imogen Webber
  • The only path is the path of Grace. All is Grace.
    Imogen Webber
  • Awakening isn’t the end, it’s the start - the real work begins, the brakes come off. Resistance & avoidance of your shit no longer works & so all comes into the light of awareness. Old habits, false notions & conditioning, all the personal crap laid out bare for you to see.
    Imogen Webber
  • Liberation isn't a spiritual prozac against feeling, it's the opposite – pure openess to everything that arises, the good, bad & the ugly.
    Imogen Webber
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Session with Imogen

1hr one-on-one session including a 15min Shaktipat Awakening Tranmisison at the end.
£90.00 1hr

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