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  • You can't think or spiritual experience your way into enlightenment.
    Eric Putkonen
  • In the absence of ignorance, there is only love.
    Eric Putkonen
  • To see is to understand.
    Eric Putkonen
  • The "me" can not understand what "no me" means.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Thought itself reinforces the illusory "me" because most thought is self-centered and/or self-reflective.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Life is play.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Separation is only a thought.
    Eric Putkonen
  • The "doer" is born with the arising of the thought "I did that."
    Eric Putkonen
  • You can't practice to become what you already are.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Whatever you want to do is exactly what the Self wants to do as you.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Happines is something you are, when you are not making yourself miserable.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Nothing that is going on is personal.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Attachment...the delusion that you could hold on.
    Eric Putkonen
  • Grief is the price we pay for attachment...not love.
    Eric Putkonen
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Do you have questions about nonduality or enlightenment? Do you have questions about meditation, being present, self-inquiry, the cessation of suffering, the illusion of duality, the illusion of "me", silence of mind, etc.?
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