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  • Now is not in time. So when the understanding blossoms that all there is is Now, it leaves us no choice as to what we are - Now!
  • Here moment to moment. Feeling the flow of life and moving as it. Trusting, not knowing, no names, no ideas, just life. Nothing as a stage to something else. Just here now and constantly surprised.
  • Breathe. Be Still. Be Curious.
  • The mind is a butterfly. I am the sky.
  • Because there is only Now, there is no time for a me to develop. So the I that I Am must have always been here, and consequently, always will.
  • You must get very quiet and slowly feel your way into this mysterious sense of existence, but be careful, you may fall in love with it. After all, it might be you.
  • Without thought, we would always be here and now. There would be no way to be anywhere else. We must come to understand the nature of thought. Why? Because thought happens.
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