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  • „Not you are the one living a life, the creature is dead. The life that gives life to you is god.“ (Angelus Silesius)
  • The pathless path has no entry. The one vastness experiences itself in All and is free.
  • In falling into the abyss of the One Heart, the peace of our nature reveals itself, with each thread of personhood.
  • The mystery of life makes itself accessible beyond time. Out of the silence of the One the multiplicity of life shows up undivided.
  • Every molecule is permeated in silence, by the nature of our being, by life itself. It´s the same with all human concerns - the tears, the laughter, the delight and the pain bear witness to that one miracle that we are.
  • The untraceable source is fulfilled. I t is All and Nothing at the same time. Beyond of any definition, the silence of your being is resting in itself in unnameable perfection.
  • God is always ready, we are unprepared. God is closer to us than close, we are distant to him. God is inside, we're out. God is native to us, we are strangers. (Meister Eckhardt)
  • From the perspective of Nonduality action is a spontaneous energetic event that leaves no trace. It is welcome unconditionally, embraced infinitely, and exactly because of that it can leave no trace.. Seed and fruit are this unconditional One without a second.
  • This unquestioning nature is before each idea, before any imprinting, before any notion of love and unity.
  • HERE, not knowable as all encompassing, naked life-force is dancing as you. You are dance, energy and the unfathomable, silent primal ground.
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Satsang by Internet - with or without questions - Meeting in Silence

Silence doesn´t have to conquer any distance. Silence is, spaceless, timeless,
everything and nothing. 

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in Euros. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

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Skype Session

Satsang by Internet
€40.00 1hr

Beyond awakening 04:17min.
Hymns to Arunachala 12:25 min.
Take this life 05:56 min.

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