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Live online Satsang with Prajnaparamita

You can join live satsang evening at Januari 15 and 22 at 8 p.m. CEST in Baarn, The Netherlands.

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Prajnaparamita is an awakened teacher from the Netherlands. In the togetherness of satsang (‘meeting in truth’), Prajnaparamita is available for anyone longing to realize who they truly are.

Questions explored in satsang are: Who am I really? What is awakening? Unconditional love and inner peace, is that available for me? How can I find gratitude that is free from favourable conditions?

Prajnaparamita’s expression of universal truth is an intimate invitation to surrender heart and mind to that which cannot be spoken about, yet has been described by mystics and awakened beings from all ages in all cultures. Prajnaparamita emphasizes that waking up to one’s true nature is available for anyone who is willing to bring the awakening journey to full completion. Unconditional love and inner peace is one’s birth right, and only overlooked by the apparent reality of psychological conditioning and thought patterns.

Please be invited to attend satsang, and bring up any question that is in your heart-mind.

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